The Lewin Fund Science Grant Application Instructions

  1. Areas of Research:
    • Novel laboratory science and clinical investigations pertaining to the fundamental questions broadly related to women’s cancer.
    • Tumor biology, novel molecular targets, companion diagnostics, hereditary genetics.
  2. Who We Fund:
    • Qualified scientists, who will develop their skills, prepare preliminary data for subsequent grant applications and research publications needed to become independent investigators.
  3. Funding:
    • The total amount of funding is variable.
    • Duration 2 years.
    • Direct costs only.
    • Awarded on a yearly basis from January 1 to December 31 with two installments paid in January and July.
    • All grantees are required to submit two progress reports each year.
    • Final financial report following the close of each grant year is required.
    • Receipt of the second installment of the year’s grant award is contingent upon the review of the first progress report and recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Director of The Lewin Fund.
  4. Eligibility Requirement:
    • At the time of the award, applicants must be U.S. citizen, permanent U.S. resident, or holder of an H-1 visa with minimum of three years remaining. A J-1 visa holder does not qualify.
  5. Application Process – Letter of Intent:
    • Narrative summary of no more than 2 pages (single spaced, 12pt font).
    • Principal Investigator’s name and contact information.
    • Biographical sketches of key personnel (including sponsors and mentors).Submitting format: NIH Bio Sketch.
    • Institutional affiliation and contact information.
    • Annual detailed budget (direct costs only).
    • List of other financial support, including federal, private, and institutional.
    • Projected time line.
    • All research funded by the Lewin Fund must comply with federal require-ments regarding the use of human subjects, animals, or biohazards in research. Applicants submit projects to the appropriate Review Board at the time of application or before.
    • 3 letters of recommendation from department chairperson, mentor/sponsors, and individuals not directly involved in the application, but who are familiar with the applicant’s qualifications, training, and interests.
    • Approval of LOI by The Lewin Fund’s Board of Directors and Scientific Advisors.
    • Submission to
  6. Approval Process:
    • The Lewin Fund’s Board of Directors will announce grant recipients following the Scientific Advisors’ review and approval.
    • Full grant application submission to using the NIH Grant Application.
  7. Publications:
    • Findings resulting from research supported entirely, or in part, by the Fund must be made fully and promptly available to the public through approved scientific channels. The Lewin Fund to Fight Women’s Cancers must be acknowledged in all publications and announcements.

Download a PDF version of these instructions.