Dear Friend of The Lewin Fund,

2019 was a great and productive year for the Fund. In fulfillment of our mission “Education and Prevention, Quality of Life Initiatives and Research”, we reached new milestones of activity and support. We’d like to share some of them with you as we recap the year.

  1. The Fund produced and supported eight significant events during the year:
    “Latina Women’s Events” (2)
    “Woman to Woman” Reunions” (2)
    “Own Your Own Health Panel”
    “Cancer Survivors’ Day”
    “Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium”
    “Updates in Hereditary Cancers and Genetics”
    Over 1,100 women attended these events in person and many more participated through our streaming on Facebook.

  2. The “Transportation Program” assisted 20 women with rides to and from their medical appointments.

  3. The “Bold Brother’s and Sister’s Program” engaged more than forty children with peer one-on-one mentoring and support.

  4. We continued our partnership with the Global Focus on Cancer, which is about to launch peer-to-peer training and mentoring activities with four Vietnamese hospitals.

  5. And we continued our support of ground-breaking research work in the field of endometrial cancer at the Dana Farber-Cancer Institute and ovarian cancer with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

We also introduced the Fund’s quarterly newsletter and successfully published and distributed four
issues to our supporters during the year. Expect your next issue next month. Those newsletters
and our new “#GivingTuesday” campaign produced one of our most productive fund-raising years,
providing precious additional resources to allow the continuation of these programs as well as our
ability to support them with additional funding going forward. This would be a great time for you
to consider making a donation to the fund by clicking this link to assist us in continuing all of our

Initiatives that we have planned for 2020 include:

  1. Continued funding of events as listed above. “Own Your Health” power panel is scheduled for April 2020.

  2. Expand our funding of research.

  3. Build pap smear screening programs for underserved women in the tri-state area.

  4. Outreach for cancer patients and their families in underserved areas (e.g., Puerto Rico).

  5. Build awareness globally for the signs and symptoms of cancer as well as preventive strategies. An article with more details may be found by clicking here and here.

As you know, we pride ourselves in spending the very minimum on administrative costs. No one
at the Fund receives a salary and we strive to have over 95% of income go to supporting these
effective and necessary programs.

As the New Year is upon us, we with you and your families a very healthy, prosperous and peaceful
year. We are truly honored by your support and pledge to continue this important work on your
behalf as well as those we serve.

With my best regards,

President and Executive Director
The Lewin Fund To Fight Women’s Cancers